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Selling door to door - Solicitations to "Test" your water

At times, there may be companies trying to sell you products such as a water purifier in your home. The

Hudson Water Utility does not partner with, or endorse any private company selling products or services

to you. However, if properly licensed, they can show up at your door, so always ask anyone, selling

anything, if they have a "Direct Sellers Permit". If they do not have one, please report it to the police as soon

as possible. If they hold a license, the "suitcase testing" of your water at your faucet can cost upwards of

$6,000 in initial costs for the installation of a "Water Purifying" system. In addition, there are ongoing

costs, such as periodic filter replacement.


Rest assured, your water is already filtered and tested daily, exceeding all state and federal requirements for your use.


For more information on this subject as well as much more, please visit: www.hudsonpublicutilities.com,

and click on "Water Quality Report" in the center of the page, or contact the Water Utility at 715-386-

4760 for a hard copy of our annual report.

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